Taiwan (ROC)

Taiwan Association of Nurse Anesthetist (TANA)


Number of anaesthesia cases per year:
Number of Nurse Anesthetists:
2 100
Number of Anesthesiologists:
Number of habitants
22 749 838

Nurse anesthesia regulation:
By the national raw of Nursing Staff

Nurse Anesthesia education:
Entry requirements: with nursing diploma

Duration: one year
Certification: by training hospital

Number of classroom hours: depended on the police of training facility

Nil, but encourage the continued education hour to reach the lowest limit

Activities of the national Association
Communication, Education, Research, International Friendship

Webpage www.tana.org

Continuing education opportunities

Held by both TANA and institutes, mostly medical centers

Professional Magazines
Communication per two months

Contact person for country information:
Name : Ms. Hui-Ju Yang
Email: hjyang@vghtpe.gov.tw hjjyang@gmail.com

National Association contact:
Address Anaesthesiology Dept, Veteran General Hospital-Taipei, 2nd sec, Sh-iPai rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Email: tanaroc@ms35.hinet.net
Tel/Fax: 886-2-28757549