The Education Committee makes recommendations for the education and training of Nurse Anesthetists. The Committee revises and updates the IFNA Standards of Education, and can assist in the development of Nurse Anesthesia programs. It has developed a curriculum for a Master's program and a Certificate program. The Education Committee is responsible for planning and executing the  Education Session at the IFNA World Congresses. It also acts  as a jury for the Poster Session at the World Congresses. The Education Committee is in charge  of evaluating applications for the three IFNA Accreditation processes (APAP) in collaboration with the APAP Manager. It also gives feedback on APAP document revisions to the APAP manager. All the Education Committee members are experts in education, research and/or as Nurse Anesthesia program directors and faculty members.

Education Committee members:

  • Rebecca Madsen,  DNP, CRNA, APRN - USA, Co-Chair of the Education Committee 
  • Thorunn S. Eliasdottir, CRNA, PhD, Iceland Co-Chair of the Education Committee
  • Gye Seong Jeong CRNA, PhD - South Korea
  • Aaron K. Sonah, MPH-Epi, BSC Nursing, RNA, RN - Liberia
  • Axel Wolf , RNA, PhD, Sweden