The Hermi Löhnert Award

The Hermi Löhnert Award was established by the International Federation of the Nurse Anesthetists (IFNA), in 1999, to recognize a nurse anesthetist that has made an outstanding contribution to the nurse anesthesia profession globally.

This award is established to honor Mr. Hermi Löhnert the recognized founder and first President of the IFNA. It is through Mr. Löhnert’s visionary concept of international collaboration that the first International Symposium for Nurse Anesthetists became a reality. The first symposium planted the seed that was to become the IFNA. Mr. Löhnert arranged for the meetings and provided the dedicated leadership and assistance necessary to establish the IFNA in Switzerland. He has remained active in the IFNA on an informal basis and acts as the IFNA liaison with the Swiss banking industry and IFNA legal counsel. This award can be given to a recipient at any future IFNA World Congress.

Recipients of Hermi Löhnert Awards:

  • Mr. Hermi Löhnert  (Switzerland)
    • Chicago 2000
  • Mr. Ronald Caulk    (USA)
    • Helsinki 2002
  • Mrs. Mirjam Laisalmi  (Finland)
    • Lausanne 2006
  • Mrs. Sandra Ouellette (USA)
    • The Hague 2010
  • Mr. Pascal Rod (France)
    • Ljubljana 2012
  • Mrs. Marianne Riesen  (Switzerland)
    • Barcelona 2014
  • Sr. Margaret Kollmer  (USA)
    • Boston 2014
  • Mrs. Betty Horton  (USA)
    • Glasgow 2016
  • Mrs. Jackie Rowles (USA)
    • Budapest 2018