Ikatan Perawat Anestesi Indonesia ( Indonesian Association of Nurse Anesthetists )


Number of anaesthesia cases per year:
26 000 000
Number of Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA):
1 700
Number of Anesthesiologists:
Number of habitants
220 000 000

Nurse anesthesia education:
1962 – 1985 : Academy of Anesthesia. ( Government’s School )
Admission to this program requires:
Graduation from a basic nursing education ( 3 years ).
A minimum of 1 year of professional nursing experience in an acute care setting.
The length of the nurse anesthesia educational program was 3 years.
The curriculum : ( theory, at minimum ) :
Professional aspect of nurse anesthesia practice : 45 hours.
Advanced anatomy : 140 hours.
Advanced physiology : 140 hours.
Advanced pathophysiology : 140 hours.
Chemistry and physic related to anesthesia : 140 hours.
Advanced pharmacology : 100 hours.
Principle of anesthesia practice : 100 hours.

The clinical curriculum : each student administer a minimum of 300 anesthetics to patients, under the supervision of a qualified clinical instructor ( a nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist ).
1986 – Present : Academy of Nurse Anesthesia. ( Government’s School )
Admission to this programs requires:
Graduation from a high school.
The length of the program is 42 months.
The curriculum:
Basic nursing education plus 12 credits of anesthesiology : 3 years.
Clinical practice in anesthesia : 6 months.

The competences of nurse anesthetists who graduated from the Academy of Nurse Anesthesia educational programs were not as required, so IPAI took responsibility to upgrade them in clinical practice for at least one year before they work as nurse anesthetists.

Description of nurse anesthesia practice:

Nurse anesthetists administer approximately 70% of the national anesthetic services in Indonesia. especially in the rural area, using all agents, techniques including regional anesthesia administration. although there is a controversy regarding regional anesthesia. Nurse anesthetists may work with or without an anesthesiologist. Anesthetic practice by a nurse anesthetist is recognized as a medically delegated act.

Continuing education opportunities :
No CE credits required, but each nurse anesthetist must attend the province meeting annually, regional meeting annually, and the National IPAI’s annual meeting. In the next year ( 2007 ) IPAI has decided that each nurse anesthetist must earn 20 CE credits every 2 years.

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Mrs. Oce Tanalsa.

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