Deemed Accreditation Status

New Deemed Accreditation Status – an option for Level #3 IFNA Accreditation




If official governmental or non-governmental standards for nurse anesthesia education are equivalent to or exceed IFNA’s Education Standards, an individual program may be deemed to have met the requirements for IFNA’s Level #3 Accreditation. A nurse anesthesia program with Deemed Accreditation Status will have all the privileges of an accredited program. Title of award: Level #3 IFNA Accreditation.


Criteria that the IFNA Education Committee reviews in considering a program seeking Level #3 Accreditation through the Deemed Accreditation Status option include the following:


  • Confirmation that the applicant program meets eligibility requirements for IFNA Level #3 Accreditation.


  • A comparison (crosswalk) of the official education standards, under which the applicant program operates, are found to be at least equivalent to IFNA’s Education Standards.


  • A current copy of the official correspondence from the accrediting or quality assurance agency that confirms its approval of the nurse anesthesia program based on meeting the required standards.


  • Fees


  • Payment of a 1500 Swiss Francs application or renewal fee.


  • Ineligible programs qualify for a refund of 750 Swiss Francs


  • Ineligible programs will be offered Level #1 Registration


Programs that are ineligible for Deemed Accreditation Status, but qualify for Level #2 Recognition, will be encouraged to submit an application for Level #2