Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Opleiding Anesthesiemedewerker Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Fontys University of Applied Sciences, HBO-V Technische Stroom Anesthesiemedewerker Eindhoven (pdf)


RENEWAL: May 2016
2ND RENEWAL: May 2021

Recognition valid until: May 2026



After applying for renewal the program was evaluated following the renewal process described in the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists ANESTHESIA PROGRAM APPROVAL PROCESS (APAP): OPERATIONAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES (pg7-8).

A current, more comprehensive curriculum was presented to actualize the information about the program. Student and faculty evaluations were carried out in April 2016 and evaluated. Following the review of all information, renewal of Recognition was granted based on the program’s meeting eligibility requirements, ability to comply with the IFNA Education Standards, and attempts to continually improve.