History Book Task Force

The IFNA was founded in 1989, but the history started in 1978 when Hermi Löhnert, a Swiss Nurse Anesthetist attended the AANA annual meeting and met with John Garde the AANA Executive Director and the AANA president, Ronald Caulk. They decided to initiate an international  network for nurse anesthetists, with the first International Symposium in Luzern, Switzerland in 1985. At the second International Symposium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1988, it was decided to launch an International Organization for Nurse Anesthetists, what was made in June 1989. It is important for an organization that is now recognized as the official voice for nurse anesthetists worldwide to keep written the different steps that built the international collaboration. This is this history the is prepared by the History Book task force with the collaboration of all country members.

Task Force:


Mrs. Betty Horton,  USA (3rd on the left) Past Chair of the IFNA Education Committee, Past APAP manager.

Mrs. Sandra Ouellette, USA ( Middle in blue) AANA President in 1989 for the founding of the IFNA, Past Chair of the IFNA Education Committee, Past IFNA President, Past Chair of the IFNA Practice Committee.


Mrs. Jackie Rowles USA, (2nd  on the left) IFNA Current President

Mrs. Susan Caulk, USA ( 3rd on the right)  Wife of Mr. Ron Caulk,  Founder of the IFNA, Past IFNA President, Past IFNA Executive Director who passed last year.

Mr. Hermi Löhnert, Switzerland ( 1st on left) Founder of the IFNA, Past IFNA President.

Mr. Pascal Rod, France ( 2nd on left) Founder of the IFNA, Past IFNA President, current Executive Director.

The IFNA Archives are stored at the AANA archives department managed by Mr. George Kutsunis ( 1st on right).