Aarau, Switzerland Nurse Anesthesia program

Anesthesia Programs Officially Recognized by IFNA

Anesthesia education programs holding Level 3: IFNA Accreditation have met eligibility and application requirements for IFNA Accreditation. Recognized programs have also undergone a successful self-study and on-site visit to demonstrate substantial compliance with "IFNA's Educational Standards for Preparing Nurse Anesthetists". Information about the curriculum is current at date of application.

IFNA Accreditation effective October 2014 – October 2019

Markus Gautschi
Aargauische Fachschule fuer Anaesthesie- Intensiv- und Notfallpflege (AFSAIN)
P.O. Box 3103
CH - 5001 Aarau, Switzerland

Information about AFSAIN's Nurse Anesthesia Program Curriculum

Afsain (established by two provincial hospitals Aarau and Baden) is providing theoretical education for post graduate studies in anesthesia care (PET Post-Degree at the level of a professional college). Based on the curriculum framework of OdA Santé (professional organization of healthcare players) established in July 2009. The studies to become an “Expert in anesthesia care with PET Post-Degree” include 900 hours of theoretical education and training on the job at one of our 8 partner hospitals. Afsain is providing current and usable knowledge with a high priority on practical orientation. All teachers and staff at Afsain are linked to one of our partner hospitals – our way to guarantee the transfer from theory into practice and vice versa. Our curriculum is based on precise learning objectives and covers a wide range of anesthesia topics. In order to develop our school, we react actively on news and trends in perioperative medicine. We strongly encourage our students to take responsibility for their learning process and support them in a practical and pragmatic way. Afsain is proud to contribute to the high quality education of Nurse Anesthetists in Switzerland and supports the development of this very important and fascinating profession.

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