Basel, Switzerland, Nurse anesthesia program

Anesthesia Programs Officially Recognized by IFNA

Anesthesia education programs holding Level 3: IFNA Accreditation have met eligibility and application requirements for IFNA Accreditation. Recognized programs have also undergone a successful self-study and on-site visit to demonstrate substantial compliance with "IFNA's Educational Standards for Preparing Nurse Anesthetists". Information about the curriculum is current at date of application.

IFNA Accreditation effective May 2013 - May 2018

Christoph Schori
Postgraduate Course in Anesthesia Nursing
Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
University Hospital Basel
Spitalstrasse 21
Basel, Switzerland

Information about the Curriculum at Postgraduate Course in Anesthesia Nursing

Postgraduate studies in Anesthesia Nursing NDS HF is a practice-oriented advanced
nursing training at the level of a professional college offered as a modular learning
opportunity through the University Hospital Basel. The principles of the comprehensive
training course and the existing practice-oriented educational concept is based on the
"Curriculum (RLP) for Anesthesia Nursing NDS HF“ (taking effect on July 8, 2009).
As an education provider, the University Hospital Basel integrates the themes of key
importance to the profession and specific requirements of each specialty field. The
curriculum is practice- and activity-oriented, while the transfer from theory into practice
and vice versa is of high priority."

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