Nurse Anesthesia Program Pangkalpinang, Indonesia

Recognition March 2012 - May 2017

Mohamad Syah Insyah
Nurse Anesthesia Program
Jalan Usman Ambon No 252
Rt 003
RW 01 GG Perkutut 33125
Pangkalpinang, Indonesia

Information about the Indonesia Curriculum:

The length of the nurse anesthesia educational program is 3 years.

The curriculum : ( theory, at minimum ):

Professional aspect of nurse anesthesia practice: 45 hours.
Advanced anatomy: 140 hours
Advanced physiology: 140 hours
Advanced pathophysiology: 140 hours
Chemistry and physic related to anesthesia: 140 hours.
Advanced pharmacology: 100 hours.
Principle of anesthesia practice: 100 hours.

The clinical curriculum : each student administers a minimum of 300 anesthetics to patients, under the supervision of a qualified clinical instructor ( a nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist).

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