Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Opleiding Anesthesiemedewerker Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Opleiding Anesthesiemedewerker
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Admission Requirements
High school graduate diploma(Dutch pre-university diploma HAVO/VWO)
Intermediate vocational education diploma. (MBO)
Intermediate nursing diploma (3 months dispensation)
Bachelor nursing diploma (3 months dispensation)
Dispensation of requirements depending on experience and evidence
(evaluation by CZO)

This document is translated from the original Dutch language. This in favor of the recognition program from the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists(IFNA)
The course consists of teaching units with an accompanying study load, expressed in course credits. For the course, six professional competences have been formulated (attainment targets for the start competent professional practitioner).
The professional competences are spread over the course years. They are different in terms of duration, SBUs, start moment and are to some extent offered in parallel. The table below lists the educational units linked to the awarding of course credits (ECs) from the level assessment.

Within a competence-based curriculum, study progress, supervision, assessment and evaluation are a continuous process within the frameworks of the adopted professional competences. As well as assessing the professional competences, the following are included in the course: progress tests, tests of cooperation skills, graduation project, evaluation of practical learning, whereby a differentiation is made between traineeships and the practical learning period.

Course for nurse anaesthetist
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Learning environment School / Level test
Level: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Social interaction and cooperation 3ec 2 ec 2 ec 2 ec
Care provision 2 ec 3 ec 2 ec
Technology AM 4 ec 4 ec 4 ec 3 ec
Anesthesiologic skills 3 ec 3 ec
Work supervision 1 ec
Professionalization &
Organisation 2 ec 2 ec 2 ec 1 ec
Cooperation skills 1 ec 1 ec 1 ec
Graduation project 7 ec
Progress tests (VGT) 3 ec 3 ec 3 ec 3 ec 3 ec 3 ec
Learning environment in practice
Traineeships and practical learning periods 34 ec 36 ec 37 ec
Total 60 60 60

ec = European credit => 28 sbu (credit hours) = 1 ec

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