Nurse Anesthesia Program University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

IFNA Recognition effective November 2010 – May 2016

Nurse Anesthesia Program University of Alabama at Birmingham
Phillip Kendrick, PhD, CRNA
Assistant Professor, Director
1705 University Blvd, SHPB 454
Birmingham, AL 35294 USA

Information About the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Curriculum

Admission Requirements
Graduates from an accredited registered nursing program with a baccalaureate degree in nursing or an appropriate science concentration. All coursework towards a BS must be completed by December prior to the start of anesthesia school the following August. Applicants are required to provide proof of a valid professional RN license in the U.S. Only candidates with at least one year experience as an RN in a critical care setting are considered for admission. Acceptance will be based upon the student's academic ability, work experience, and aptitude for a career in nurse anesthesia. The candidate is expected to satisfy the following requirements:
• a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (A = 4.0),
• a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in science prerequisites,
• a grade of C or better in each prerequisite course,
• all sections of the GRE must be completed prior to application (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing),
• a personal interview with the selection committee, and
• if accepted, complete the UAB medical history questionnaire and physical, provide proof of required immunizations, and receive satisfactory screening by the UAB Medical Center Student Health Service.

Program Prerequisites - UAB Equivalents
(Course requirements are listed in semester credit hours)
---Anatomy/Physiology (6-8) or
---Anatomy (3-4)
---Physiology (3-4)
---Microbiology (3-4)
---College Chemistry (3-4)

Curriculum Sequence
NA 601 Gross Anatomy (4)
NA 610 Medical Physiology (5)
NA 620 Anesthesia Pharmacology I (3)
NA 630 Nurse Anesthesia Biochemistry (3)
NA 645 Professional Aspects of Anesthesia (2)
NA 600 Research Methods and Statistics (3)
NA 621 Anesthesia Pharmacology II (3)
NA 640 Principles of Anesthesia (5)
NA 670 Anesthesia Pathophysiology I (3)
NA 678 Electrocardiography (2)
NA 650 Regional Anesthesia (2)
NA 671 Anesthesia Pathophysiology II (3 )
NA 672 Clinical Practicum I (6)
NA 680 Anesthesia and Surgical Specialties (3)
NA 661 Anesthesia for Extremes of Age (3)
NA 673 Clinical Practicum II (12)
NA 660 Obstetrical Anesthesia (1)
NA 674 Clinical Practicum III (12)
NA 695 Special Topics (3)
NA 698 Graduate Project (2)
NA 675 Clinical Practicum IV (11)
NA 696 Special Topics (3)
NA 698 Graduate Project (2)
NA 646 Legal Issues & Practice Management (1)
NA 676 Clinical Practicum V (10)
NA 697 Special Topics (3)
NA 698 Graduate Project (2)

Length of Program
27 months

Degree or certificate awarded to graduates
Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia

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