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FSAIO, fagligt selskab for anæstesi-,intensiv- og opvågningssygeplejersker (DSACCN, the Danish Society of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Nurses)

Number of anaesthesia cases per year:
400 000
Number of Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA):
1 750
Number of Anesthesiologists:
1 000
Number of habitants
5 354 000

Nurse anaesthesia regulation: The National Board of Health. Homepage:
The Danish Nurse Organization. Homepage:
Regional Educational Board.
Nurse Anaesthesia education:
Entry requirements: Danish authorization as a nurse.
Minimum 2 years of clinical hospital experience.

Duration of education: 6 months introduction period in anaesthesia service.
18 months theoretical/practical education at an anaesthesia service.
Certification: The Danish nurse anaesthetist is called a Special Trained Nurse in Anaesthesia Care, meaning certified Nurse Anaesthetist (National Diploma).

Number of classroom hours:
-Theory: 200 hours of theory (in a class room).
-Practice: 24 months excl. theory period and incl. 6 weeks study visit at another anaesthesia ward and 6 weeks study visit at a recovery ward.
Number of Clinical training hours: 1-2 hours of clinical supervision per week when working in the service.

Accreditation: The student has to pass a national examination (multiple choice) and a written assignment and the practice period evaluations have been successfully achieved.
Further details: official program in English

Nurse Anaesthesia practice: Field of responsibility and function of nurse anaesthetists:
- provide anaesthesia for surgery, examination and therapy
- escorting critically ill patients in hospital and inter hospital
- prehospital treatment at disasters, accidents and acute diseases

Recertification: No, but it is possible to have a 3 weeks supplementary training incl. a written assignment after 5-7 years working as a nurse anaesthetist.

Activities of the national Association:

- Contribute to improve of health standard in the population and develop nursing care.
- Improve collaboration between members of the society.
- Support educational and working tasks.
- Arrange conferences and meetings in order to qualify members
- Encourage to and assist at inquiries into the working fields of Nurse Anaesthetist and Critical Care Nurses.
- Promote transverse collaboration between different nursing societies and the anaesthesiologist society in Denmark.
- Represent Danish nurse anaesthetists and critical care nurses national and international.
- To improve the anaesthesia and the critical care nursing in Denmark.

Main tasks of the board:
One of the main tasks is to arrange 2 national congresses per year.(Duration 3 days)The content of the congresses varies lot and reflect the wishes of our members. The society has a close collaboration with the medical industry. Two members of the board meet annual with the leadership of Danish Nurse Organisation in order to improve the collaboration and share experiences.
The board acts as advisory body concerning element of interest of the specialities e.g. educational matters, expert statement and opinions.
Continuing education opportunities:
- supplementary training (regional difference)
- FSAIO congresses
- Education offers made in collaboration between FSAIO and the medical industry.


Professional Magazines: Dråben Danmark

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