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Syndicat National des Infirmiers Anesthesistes (SNIA) French Union of Nurse Anesthetists

Number of anaesthesia cases per year:
8 500 000
Number of Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA):
8 500
Number of Anesthesiologists:
8 800
Number of habitants
60 000 000

The French nurse anesthetist is called : Infirmier Anesthésiste Diplômé d’Etat (IADE), meaning Certified (National Diploma) Nurse Anesthetist.
The IADE is a state registered nurse with a specific national diploma in nurse anesthesia. The role is defined within the National Law Public Health Code (93-345 March, 15th 1993) concerning the nurse skills , and especially within Article R4311-12:"

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is the only one enabled ( authorized), in condition that an anesthesiologist can intervene at any moment and after that an anesthesiologist has examined the patient and determined the procedure, for the application of the following techniques:
-General Anesthesia,
-Regional anesthesia and re-injections when the device has been placed by an anesthesiologist,
-Perioperative resuscitation ( stabilization).
He is providing care and can at the exclusive initiative of the anesthesiologist, realizes the technical skills that are required by the procedure.
He is in charge, in Recovery room, of acts that are requiring anesthesia techniques as quoted in the first paragraph.
He is, moreover, enabled for the post operative pain management requiring anesthesia techniques as quoted in the first paragraph.
Skills of article R4311-10, alinea 9 ( referring to Emergency Mobile Units) in the same act are on priority practiced by nurse anesthetists and student nurse anesthetists.The student nurse anesthetist can participate to these activities in condition to be supervised by a nurse anesthetist and an anesthesiologist."

Actually nurse anesthetists administrate and/or participate to the administration of anesthesia , maintain and control anesthesia until the recovery period. The responsible physician is an anesthesiologist supervising 2 or 3 operating rooms with a nurse anesthetist in each room.Nurse anesthetists are also participating to Emergency Mobile Units (SAMU, SMUR) and are recognized as resource persons for cardio-respiratory resuscitation procedures.They are recommended for supervising Recovery Rooms, Surgical Intensive Care Units and Emergency Units.

Education :
After a basic nursing education (3 years post baccalaureate), a 2 years experience of care near the patient (including preferably at least 1 year in intensive or critical care units) the student shall succeed to an admission examination to start a nurse anesthesia program of education.
The studies are 2 years long with theoretical and clinical courses. This full time program shall require 24 months, including 700 hours of theoretical studies, 70 weeks of clinical training, 4 weeks for a personal research work and 10 weeks of vacation.

At the end of the program the student shall pass and succeed to a national final examination to obtain the National Diploma of Nurse Anesthetist.
There are 25 civil programs and 3 military programs. The nurse anesthesia program of education is a national official one and all programs shall have an official national agreement.
The official program of education can be read at:Official Program

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