International Study Japan

A cross-national comparative study
of the actual labor situation and work satisfaction of nurse anesthetists.

About this study:
This study is being conducted in anticipation of the future introduction of nurse anesthetists (NAs) in Japan. We will examine the steps leading to the introduction of advanced practice nurses (APNs), including NAs and nurse practitioners in this country, but there is as yet little support for their introduction.
Therefore, we will report on the actual labor situation and work satisfaction of NAs around the world in a cross-national comparative study in order to prepare for the expected introduction of NAs to Japan as specialized APNs. There are 82 questions.

  • For the questions asking for private information, please feel free to answer only those questions that you are comfortable with.

This study is being funded by St. Luke's Life Science Research Institute.

The purpose of collecting this personal information is for the research study:
The information obtained from the questionnaires will be used in a statistical analysis of the above-mentioned study.

Questionnaire designer and user of the personal information in the questionnaires:

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