Accreditation Pilot test

Wanted: Nurse Anesthesia education program for international pilot test
Applications are being accepted for nurse anesthesia programs interested in participating in a pilot test of accreditation. One program will be selected to complete the accreditation process which requires completion of all steps in the written procedure for accreditation as outlined in the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists Anesthesia Program Approval Process (APAP) Operational Policies and Procedures.
The selected program will be required to pledge to meet the IFNA Educational Standards for Preparing Nurse Anesthetists; and submit its curriculum and related material in a written self study for review by the IFNA Education Committee. The information will also evaluated by a team of on-site visitors to determine if it meets the Educational Standards. Guidelines for this international experience will be provided.
There is no cost to the selected program for participating in the pilot test; approved expenses will be paid by a grant from IFNA’s Research Foundation. An anesthesia program interested in participating in the pilot test should submit a written request to participate by March 1st, 2011, The application form should be e-mailed to the IFNA Executive Office:.
This is an opportunity for a nurse anesthesia program to be the first program to be considered for IFNA Accreditation! Please submit your application by the March Ist, 2011 deadline.
Eligibility for Pilot Test of IFNA Accreditation
A program must meet the following requirements to be considered for selection:
• Admission requirements for IFNA Accreditation include an education in nursing that prepares a student to succeed in the program.

• There is official evidence from a governmental entity that the program is currently authorized, recognized, chartered, audited, accredited or has some equivalent official status in the country, if available.

• There is evidence that the program has not been denied approval, recognition or accreditation by a governmental or nongovernmental accreditation or quality assurance entity. (This requires the signature of a program official for confirmation.)

• A completed application: Eligibility Application for Nurse Anesthesia Program Accreditation
• A statement that addresses how accreditation will benefit the program.
• A pledge by the program that it will cooperate with the IFNA Education Committee in meeting timelines

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