Anesthesia manual 2

The purpose of this manual is to provide developing countries with a copyright free basic anesthesia manual. This manual can be freely copied and translated into a native language for the promotion of basic anesthesia knowledge/skills. Contributors with credited pictures and illustrations have graciously given permission for their material to be used for this specific purpose. Every effort was made to ensure that the material and information in this manual are correct and up-to-date. The author, publishers, and International Federation of Nurse Anesthestists (IFNA), having provided this manual freely, cannot accept liability from any potential errors contained in the manual, their use, or errors in translation that may occur from the use of these materials. It is up to each translator to ensure that the translation is correct. Knowledge about the art and science of anesthesia continues to change. It is up to each anesthesia provider to continue to learn and upgrade their knowledge. This manual only contains basic information and are not a replacement for more comprehensive texts.

If this manual is published, translated, or used for the promotion of basic anesthesia knowledge, the author would appreciate an email. In addition if this manual is translated, in their entirety or in part, we would kindly ask permission to include these on the web site for the benefit of other anesthesia providers. This project continues to evolve and your input is critical to making it useful in the developing world. Please feel free to contact me at Daniel D. Moos with comments, questions, recommendations for future editions, and any concerns.

Volume 2
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