update September 2007

Update September 2007

The IFNA is preparing the next World Congress for nurse anesthetists in The Hague, Netherlands in 2010. The scientific program is under preparation and will be very soon presented. At the last executive Committee meeting in June 2006, it was decided to organize the World Congress every 2 years starting after 2010. The next one will be in 2012 and the following one in 2014. The site for 2012 will be selected in June 2008.
The education for nurse anesthetists is varying from one country to another even for similar practice. The IFNA has decided to launch an Accreditation process for nurse anesthesia educational programs based on the IFNA standards of education. This accreditation program will start with volunteer pilot programs of education in different continents. The aim is to provide an international accreditation for nurse anesthesia programs and by the way to develop a process of harmonization of programs on common objectives for preparing nurse anesthetists.
In the mean time the European Union is looking at harmonizing the qualifications and programs of education for different professions based on the Bologna process for higher education. There is a need for looking at harmonizing the different programs of education for nurse anesthetists in the EU. The IFNA will collaborate with the different EU members for developing such a process.
There is an increasing need for anesthesia providers worldwide and the IFNA has been contacted by different countries interested by developing nurse anesthesia programs. Because of the shortage of nurses, some countries are looking at developing some shorter programs of education for “anesthesia technicians”. These programs will not prepare appropriately educated professionals for providing safe anesthesia services. The IFNA is actively promoting the nurse anesthesia model that is the only appropriate one.
The nursing profession is not limited to the general care and the advance practice for nurses is more and more developed. The ICN has developed an international network for advance practice nursing and specialties. The nurse anesthesia is one of the nursing specialty with advanced practice and the IFNA will participate to this network.
The IFNA is developing a bank of experts for different topics concerning nurse anesthesia and linked international issues.

Pascal Rod, IFNA Executive Director

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