President's message october 2006

October 11, 2006

IFNA President’s Update

The IFNA Officers and members of the Congress Planning Committee met in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 5-7, 2006. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate and complete details regarding the 8th World Congress for Nurse Anesthetists, plan for the 9th World Congress, and plan the operational budget for 2007.

Total registration for the 8th World Congress was 1278. Participants attended from 29 countries and evaluations of the congress demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with the scientific and social program. While this congress had the fourth largest attendance since 250 participants met in Lucern, Switzerland in 1985, a number of member countries and members were absent. IFNA represents 34 member countries with over 42,000 individual anesthetists. We hope you will decide today to attend the 9th World Congress for Nurse Anesthetists on June 4-7, 2010. This congress will be held in The Hague, Netherlands.
The IFNA Strategic plan was developed and adopted several years ago. Four areas of importance in the plan center around IFNA governance, reputation, information, and financial accountability. The 2007 budget, prepared by the Executive Director and approved by the officers, focused heavily on fiscal responsibility. Final approval of the budget will be done by the IFNA Executive Committee in June 2007. This committee consists of the IFNA officers and 6 elected national representatives.

Good health of our federation rests with financial stability, communication and member participation. A Task Force consisting of several officers has been appointed to develop recommendations for long range financial planning. The report of the Task Force will be acted on in June 2007. The potential for better communication has increased with development of the IFNA Website.

IFNA is only as strong as the participation of individual member country national organizations. National organizations are only as strong as its members. Please share the availability of this website with colleagues and students! Please let us know how the IFNA leadership can better serve you.

Sandra M Ouellette CRNA, M.Ed, FAAN
President IFNA

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