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International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists
Anesthesia Program Approval Process (APAP)

IFNA wants anesthesia educators to join others in our international community who have earned certificates of approval for their anesthesia programs/schools. APAP provides a unique opportunity to use international education standards in an approval process that takes cultural, national or regional differences into consideration. You can apply for one of three categories.

• Level #1 - Registration
• Level #2 - Recognition
• Level #3 - Accreditation

Application forms available

APAP Operational Policies and Procedures
Eligibility Application for Nurse & Non-Physician Anesthesia Program Registration
Eligibility Application for Nurse & Non-Physician Anesthesia Program Recognition
Eligibility Application for Nurse Anesthesia Program Accreditation

Application deadlines for 2015
• February 28th, 2015
• April 1, 2015
• October 1 2015

Please submit your application by e-mail to the IFNA Executive Office at
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